Teaching Your Kids to Have Successful Future

Do you usually plan your day, the workload, career, finance and trading? Whatever it is you are orchestrating, a strategy for your project or personal investment, you try to adjust considering the familiar circumstances. But do we plan how to raise our children? What are the key characteristics and skills to focus on in order to make sure the child has a higher chance to undoubtedly succeed in the future?
The fact is that we tend to raise our children evaluating the world of today. By the time they grow up the reality will be completely different and knowledge and skills…

… May Musk, don’t judge this prototype strictly) we are just getting started. I came up with this startup for my mother, but she very early left for another world. Save your mothers. Want more from your NFT ? Download the Bank of Memories app and see it through the scanner. So far only for Apple


ANOTHER STEP is done – listing on the stock exchange of the startup Bank of Memories

The BTC-Alpha exchange believes that Bank of Memories is a project with great potential, so it was invited to be listed on social networks.

Now anyone can invest in the coins of new projects on the exchange, but a large number of coins or tokens on the cryptocurrency market are of little use or not needed at all. You need to take a close look at what problem the coin solves and how it is applied. …

Dear friends. We have updated the information on the site (https://bankofmemories.org/), we ask you to familiarize yourself with it. If you find errors in the text or design for each message, we will credit you with bonus coins. Let us know about it here (https://t.me/joinchat/SLnmh-g24lK-hiDQ).
Useful information about Bank of Memories
Ask the team questions and chat with the community here — https://t.me/joinchat/kAuhyhnxkzA2NWQy
Make money on the app test here — https://t.me/joinchat/SLnmh-g24lK-hiDQ

Good day. We have posted the maximum amount of possible data about technology, tokenomics, opportunities. Under https://bankofmemories.org/technology.html
This is just the beginning, we will constantly add and expand the description of the project and its capabilities. Have a nice day, everyone. Follow Bank of Memories

A kick in the ass to well-being

Now everyone can earn decent money without leaving home. The most important thing in this process is your desire.

We live in amazing times, and perhaps after reading this article we will say that it is obvious, but I think that 90% of you have not thought about how amazing it is.

Technological evolution and laziness of mankind have passed the pubertal period and become stronger. Now both technologies and the online world entered a phase of intensive growth.

You have the opportunity, without getting up from the couch, having a phone and the Internet at hand, to experience a…

Where to store yourself?

The world we are today is shifting from physical to digital. Many of the aspects of our life or things we do on daily basis are moving to screens and new technologies to solve the challenges arising from digitalization. In the past we used to save most of our data on computers and phones locally. Later we started to move towards cloud storage.

Here in this article we will be talking about why decentralized storage is a new way to store data.

What is decentralized storage?

Decentralized storage is where data is stored on a decentralized…

Imagine that you can send a message to yourself, your loved ones or your descendants in the future. Could this change your future? And the present? Can such a message be considered an opportunity not just to convey information, but to program one’s own life and future? Let’s try to think about it.

What exactly do we want to convey in the future? Precious memories, important information, vivid and bright emotions, useful tips that will protect our descendants from mistakes and unnecessary problems.

Why do we do this? Because we are human beings, we tend to think about the future…

In autumn there will be a year since my grandma passed, just a couple of days after I called her and cheerfully wished her Happy Birthday…

She had a long and eventful life, managed to be a citizen of several countries even not leaving her hometown, and her parents lived in an Austro-Hungarian empire!! How much she knew… How much she saw… And how many things she could tell me if I only asked!

But it always seemed to me that I have enough time. That right now I have to do this and that, solve these problems and answer…

Recently Turner Wright presented a profound and very important analytics. It was posted on Cointelegraph and is based on The Cremation Institute research.

The key point of this research was to find out the behavioral patterns of cryptocurrency investors. What will happen in the future if they lose passwords from crypto wallets or they pass away? Who will inherit that money?

The online survey was conducted between October 20, 2019 — June 3, 2020. In total, there were 1,150 participants between the ages 19–73.

Research reveals that 89% of cryptocurrency investors worry about what will happen to their assets after…

Bank of Memories

Mobile application for the whole family. Build a family tree, send messages to the future, create a digital monument and etc. Powered by blockchain technology

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