Teaching Your Kids to Have Successful Future

Do you usually plan your day, the workload, career, finance and trading? Whatever it is you are orchestrating, a strategy for your project or personal investment, you try to adjust considering the familiar circumstances. But do we plan how to raise our children? What are the key characteristics and skills…

The development of AR technology is increasing every hour, new technologies are being implemented, more users start using the AR technology. As our app “Bank of Memories” also supports the AR, we are going to encourage you to use this feature and have made the list of main tendencies of augmented reality in 2021.

AR is being utilized for navigation. The benefits of AR for indoor navigation are obvious, with increased bandwidth and control over an inside environment. QR codes are just a few of the technologies that may be employed to improve this experience at different scales. However, if a strong Wi-Fi network is already in place, Apple’s iPhone AR is capable of interior localization utilizing Wi-Fi RF patterns.

AR is used in Shopping and Retail. Giving customers a virtual shopping option has been a popular practice among retailers such as American Apparel, Uniqlo, Lacoste, Kohls, and Sephora. Others have created virtual fitting rooms for their clients. Customers may now trial before they buy from the comfort of their own homes. Because of the way social distancing regulations influence retail during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is extremely relevant.

Moreover, gaming generates the most income in the business and will continue to be an important driver of augmented reality. AR’s practical applications, such as in the healthcare and engineering industries, will gain traction. Besides, augmented reality is being widely used for business, especially advertisement.

AR technology is extremely useful and undoubtedly can be used in numerous spheres of life. Preparing this post, we were astonished about the quantity of fields, where augmented reality can be implemented.

Travelers can utilize augmented reality to obtain real-time informational displays about a site, its characteristics, and prior visitors’…

One of us has approximately 1000 Paper records and 1 TB of data. How you ever thought how difficult can it be to safe all the information (family, photos, recordings, documents) in paper variants?

Firstly, you are put under threat of losing it just because of occasional inattention. Secondly, recording…

Arguments in family is a normal part of life. We all encounter difficulties in a variety of situations, forms and amounts. A family crisis is naturally stressful. It demands some changes in the family, and these could be extremely tough.

We eliminated several reasons for families experiencing crisis. Firstly, the…

Personal experience -a guide for descendants

As observers of mankind we grow concerned about the life our descendants will inherit, the values they will hold dear and their expectations. …

Bank of Memories

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