Recently people began their living by the emotions of others. They spend most of their lifetime in social networks, examining the accounts of friends, acquaintances or even the unknown people. Unfortunately, all of our memories, emotions we put into the news feed of social networks and that is all done. Although, we have to share our personal emotions and experience also with close and beloved ones. We have forgotten a main truth, “happiness loves silence”. And it is not absolutely necessary to put all life events in the network, only in order to free up space on your PC or smartphone.

With the application of Bank of Memories you can send important and dear to you videos and photographs, as well as other messages in the future to the close people. It will not be difficult for you to feel again the colorful moments of your life and unforgettable emotions. Thanks to the project, you will have the possibility to change the world probably for the better… No, there is no fiction at all, but it’s just a cool reality. Andrew Melanchik is the creator of this project Bank of Memories told us about the innovative service that can change the world.

This is the first International Bank of memory, keeping memories and emotions which will be delivered to the recipient at indicated time and place.

— What is the Bank of Memories?

Have you got a lot of videos with your Mom? Once I asked this question myself , and just at that moment the idea of the creating the Bank of Memories had come to my head.

This is the first International Bank of memory, keeping memories and emotions which will be delivered to the recipient at indicated time and place. The service will allow you to relive these unforgettable moments again. After all, the emotion is the most important thing in every person’s life and you never know how this small message suddenly delivered can influence the man’s destiny, pushing him a step to something vital.

After launch everyone will be able to send future message to his relatives, friends or acquaintances.

In what way is your service can affect people’s lives?

— Just imagine the following situation: there is a young man of 24 years standing at the edge on the roof of a skyscraper. His life failed, all his money had been spent, his friends appeared not to be true. Everything has no meaning for him. The colors of life faded. He is eager to do irreparable stupidity without thinking about close people, who will be suffering. He does not realize it himself. At this very moment, he was stopped by the sound message with the following text: “Hello, Yuriy! The access cell reserved for you by Sergei 7 years ago is opened now. By clicking on the link, he is transferred to the hospital room, where his best friend had been living his last days. Dying, he reminded Yuriy about the oath they had given to each other being kids -that is to conquer Everest and visit Goa. Realizing that he cannot live very long, Sergei sends a message to the future — a reminder of the oath and 10 coins, hoping that Yuri will realize their dream. Sergei apologizes that he failed him because he could not overcome the deadly disease and asks his friend to realize their dream for both…

Do you think if Yura jumps? There are millions of examples.

Why are you positioning the company as “the Bank”?

The Bank of Memories is the first cryptotbank with absolutely full anonymous storage based on Blockchain technology. At that time, as a simple Bank is able to open the cell and to identify you our Bank keeps complete confidentiality. The point is that we do not know what a cell keeps, and our technology does not give us the opportunity to open it. There is only you and your information. Emotions are priceless.

We allow you not only to send your emotion in future, but a tangible reward in the form of cryptocurrency BMCoin, executing such functions as: electronic last Will and Testament, the repository of emotions and material compensation. It’s great to get not only the message, but also a tangible reward in the form of a coin whose value will only grow in future. So, if you sent 10 coins today, in 5 years the coins can be converted into a considerable sum of money.

Obviously the fact is that coins have a high level of socialization. But I would like to know what is BMCoin perspective?

— Unfortunately, I can’t predict exactly now. It is very difficult to predict the results in a rapidly developing modern sphere of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies. Let’s try to predict together. As I know from the reliable sources of information by 2016, the number of users of Smartphone amounted to 2.5 billion. This number is excluding users of other devices (PC, notebooks, pads, etc.). The number of coins that we are planning to mine is 1 billion. For booking one of the memory cell size of 50 MB and for a period of one year, we need one coin, up to two years — two coins. If the amount of information storage for more than one cell the subscriber is required to book a new one.

As a company we do not have the right to charge a fee for a service that has not been provided. That is why, all the coins bound to cells on the storage period will be frozen before delivery as an executive guarantee of our obligations. Here is an example. Masha sent her boyfriend Andrew birthday greetings for the next two years. Unfortunately because of some reasons, all communications were lost. As a result the boy couldn’t get a girl’s message. In this case, coins are not lost they return to Masha’s balance..

What is the advantage of the service and what are the distinctions from other startups?

— Of course, this is also an opportunity for the purchase of goods or services for BMCoin including package solutions by Technical Department at the Bank of Memories. It will be possible to do after the completion of ICO and output of coins to the exchange.

Many people ask the question: what if the cost of one coin will be $2? The answer is: then the cost of sending a message will be half the coin. That’s why we use a Blockchain-based platform. Besides we will stimulate everyone who advertises the company on the principle of “ten friends for one coin”, and also “half of the coin for each application purchased through the token price of 0.99 cents”. After graduating from a private Bank, the company will redeem the coin at the exchange for further promotion.

At the moment when the market value reaches $1 per coin, the cost of sending and storing of the message will decrease in proportion to the market value for the coin. For example: one coin is worth $2, then the cost of sending is 0.5 BMCoin. But in its turn, the reward for the attracted traffic will not change.

Up today, such funding like Crowdfunding, took the first place in the rating of “convenient cooperation.” Is it the best way of attracting investments to the project in your opinion?

Visiting China, I found out the solutions I was looking for. And it is based on using blockchain technology service. And while I was flying home from the other half of the wold with burning eyes for twelve hours I understood that my invented earlier concept of the project had changed dramatically.

At the beginning of 2016 year I worked out this project and planned to implement it with my own efforts. And because of that I left my construction business, transferring company under the control of other people. But with the development of the project and the searching for technical solutions, I’ve understood that my own resources are not enough for realization this idea. I decided to visit China in order to find the technical solutions that would allow to make the service convenient and accessible to the users around the world.

My Chinese partners were ready to buy my project in the form which it was at that time. And you won’t believe! On the eve of the sale of this project, I left my idea.

Visiting China, I realized that implemented usage of Blockchain technology service is the solution that I was looking for. And while I was flying home from the other half of the world with burning eyes for twelve hours I understood that my invented earlier concept of the project had changed dramatically.

The capitalization itself with the help of investments and the deficit of coins will grow. That’s why we went to the ICO. Now everyone has the chance to appreciate the prospects of our project and to invest in it at any of its stages. It does not matter whether it’s Pre-ICO or the ICO. You can increase your capital thereby.

Let me ask a question of an applied nature. Suppose I have $1000. How can you buy tokens and how much can you earn on this?

You can get tokens, according to our “bounti” program. By registering on the website, you automatically get two coins. Also, your personal account is provided by a reference which is for an invited friend .You get one coin for one invited friend and your friend has two coins. So, let’s back to your $1000. At the moment of passing Pre-ICO price of the coin is at 2.5 cents.

Take Your $1000 and divide by 2.5 cents, we get 40 000 coins which will only grow up in the future. What is the reason? After the sale of 9% of coins under Pre-ICO, the ICO will start. Namely, the first scenario — the sale of 25% of coins from total amount scheduled, at a price of 7.5 cents. This is so-called script. After passing the threshold of 25% of sold coins, its cost will be 10 cents, and then to 12.5 cents.

The final sales price of the remaining coins is 15 cents. Do you think the people who bought the coin 7.5 cents, will sell it cheaper on the exchange?

Do you mean crypto currency exchanges?

Yes, that’s absolutely right. The price usually remains at the level of ICO and the growth of popularity of the company increases. If you consider the fact that our company and coin BMCoin offers the opportunity to buy a unique product group, and services apps — the growth of the coin is inevitable. But I cannot give the exact predictions yet. Let’s back to 40 000 coins. For example, the price of the coin is 16 cents.

With your permission, I will make the calculations — 16 cents multiplied by 40,000, it wll be the sum of $6 400. This amount will be in six months, according to the Roadmap of the company, if you sell coins at the first opportunity. If after a year, the price of coins will increase several times, and your investment will also increase. Analyse other ICO with their profitability and will you understand everything.

And if there will be a lot of people wishing to sell the coin? Won’t it provoke this fall in the value of the coins on the exchange?

Taking into consideration the fact that our resource, and in particular our application gives the companies to advertise their goods and services — actually the deficit of the coin is inevitable. I shall give you an example. Suppose you open the Wedding Agency in a particular area, knowing about the features of our mobile app to send messages with encouragement. Do you make newsletters invitations, promotional offers or discounts to all subscribers, promising the reward for viewing. Do you think people will be interested to watch to the end of your message and get one coin for it? Of course!

After all, the main goal of any advertising campaign is to attract the person’s attention to your product and distract from every day routine. I’m not a guru, but I’m sure it is a good instrument for local and regional advertising. Although, having a good resource it can be extended to several countries.

Are there any doubts that your resource will turn into spam?

No,there is not. The more coins will leave the market, the more expensive and interesting for investors it will be. It’s very simple. The coin will grow up and then it will be beneficial to get it. As soon as a coin grow up to $2 the price of message will be split. Let us not get much ahead of ourselves. Every vegetable has its own season! Let’s imagine that your 40 000 coins you managed to sell for a dollar in 2 years.

It appears such an impressive amount!

That is why you should invest in our company at the stage if the ICO and Pre-ICO. No matter how many coins you buy. The main thing is that not to regret that you bought just a few.

You are positioning yourself as a transparent, open and ready to communicate company. Why have you got such tactics? Because of the fact that many companies attract several million dollars, even without revealing all the cards.

I am sure that the attraction of investments by the ICO should take place with full transparency of the company. The project team is constantly growing. Our plan is not just renting servers and providing storage services, but also creating one of the most secure storage facilities. Moreover every year the number of occupied cells in our storage will grow. It imposes on us obligations to our customers. That’s why the building of own server is the necessary condition of the company existence.

Will there be enough space for all this information? — Electronic memory, unlike the Globe is vast. As the dynamics of the last 100 years shows, the storage location is decreased and the amount of information increases. Nowdays one flash can easily keep a whole library.

Is it possible to lose the information? — Suppose, from point “A” to point “B” a message was sent, but it should be delivered in 10 years. So on the way to the destination, it is stored in an electronic storage and in the chain of information the message has its own unique code, which has no equivalent in the system. When it comes time to open, the resource provides the request to the recipient for confirmation. Only after this procedure the access is opening to the specified addresses — Facebook, VK, Viber, Instagram, etc., and then the safety threshold is set.

For example, the number of confirmation from the recipient that it needs to provide the system to access. You have confirmed your identity in two of the six options — Facebook and your phone number. If the sender has specified a threshold of security “3”, the system will automatically include “electronic footprint”, and your email trail will find the third possible channel of communication with you. If such a channel is not detected the priority system starts to function. For example, phone number, Facebook, email, etc. All these features are provided as additional security, at the customer’s request and they are absolutely free of charge. I could talk about many details, but I think I have already discovered so many “cards”.

Well, Andrew, thank you for a fascinating and useful conversation. We’ll meet again!

And we wish you the speedy successful startup !

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